Types Of Razors

There are three different types of razors that men can use that include; disposable, electric, and straight razors. Each is different and utilizes a different type of blade that is unique to them only. Not all men are alike – which means that where one men prefers the blade razor the other might prefer the electric.


One of the most convenient things about using one that is disposable is that it does not require much cleaning and can be quite inexpensive. You can find them with a variety of different blades that will give you a close shave that you need or something that will not cut you as easily. The most basic types use only one blade – but the most newest kinds can use up to four and have heads that swivel in every direction.

Straight Razors

Straight razors are the more traditional kinds that you see old barbers using in the movies. They are rare to see and can be quite expensive. But all of that money means a closer and more accurate shave than you have ever had. One of the most unique things about these razors are the ability to shave every hair from your face and to carve the most exact beard you have always wanted.

Electric Razors

These are almost as popular as disposable razors except that the blades do not need to be replaced. One of the things that make these great to use is that you will not run the risk of cutting yourself while getting the close shave you desire. The only place you may not get a close shave is over the bony areas of the face.

With this razor you have the ability to shave your face in record time making it great to bring with you on trips. They do need to be cleaned after each use – which requires special tools to accomplish this. The prices will depend on the model you get and the type of blade it comes with.