Trimming Tools

There are three different types of facial hair styles – which include the mustache, beard, and goatee. Once you have created the look you want you have to be able to maintain it and keep it looking clean. The only way to do this is with the proper trimming tools. There are two different types that include; beard and mustache trimming tools.

Mustache Trimming Tools

There are a few different types of mustache trimmers that help to maintain the size and shape of it. One of the most commonly used is the electric mustache trimmer. This is a small trimmer that has a special head to it – which allows you to shave smaller areas of your face that are around the mustache.

Another common trimmer are cutting shears. These scissors are smaller than your average pair and look more like the ones used to cut normal hair. These are useful when your mustache is getting too long and trying to hang over your lips. With the scissors you can trim the length down in a timely fashion.

Beard And Goatee Trimming Tools

There are two ways in which you can trim both your beard and goatee. Both style utilize the same tools because they are so close in styles and cover the same area of the face. When it comes to trimming the sides and keeping the shape of the beard or goatee you will want to use a beard trimmer.

This is an electric razor that is smaller in size and helps to trim along each side of the beard or goatee. It will usually come with different size heads – which can be interchanged in order to get the smaller, harder to shave areas of the face.

Some people may not like the electric trimmer and will opt for the smaller sized conventional razor or the straight razor. Both of these use incredibly sharp blades that work to cut the hair close to face. The straight razor especially can help to give you the exact look you want.