Sharpening Straight Razors

Straight razors are some of the most traditional types of razors that men are able to use. They are also some of the best. Although they can be harder to learn how to use them they are able to provide a very close shave than any disposable or electric razor could every give you. In order to keep it working well you have to make sure that the blade stays sharp.

Rather than purchasing a new razor when this one has become dull and worn out you can follow the proper steps that allow you to sharpen it. It is possible to bring it to a barber and allow them to sharpen it for you. But if you need to save some money than you should purchase the proper tools and do it yourself.

Sharpening Tools

  • Honing stone
  • Leather strop

What To Do

  • The first thing that you will need to do is purchase a honing stone that is very fine and will help you to sharpen it many different times. Place the blade down on the flat side of the honing stone to allow the back and the edge to touch the stone. Then you will be able to push it diagonally across it. Make sure that the edge of the blade is pushing forward.
  • Once you have done this it will be time to turn it to the other side and push it flat against the honing stone and once again move it across the surface. While you are pushing the blades across it you will need to make sure that your fingers are safely out of the way and that you move it steady and smoothly across it. Placing too much pressure while moving it back and forth will damage the blade.
  • After you have finished sharpening the straight razor you will need to use a leather strop to smooth it down. This is also used commonly to help clean the blade. You can purchase these at a barber shop and even online. When using the strop you will want to do the same motion as you used on the stone.