How To Shave

Shaving is not always an easy process for men and if not done properly it can irritate the skin. Men who do not learn how to shave run the risk of cutting themselves repeatedly or missing spots on their face where there are still patches of hair that stick out. Learn how to shave your face properly and to avoid any mistakes.

  • Before you begin it is important to wash your face. This will make it clean and help to reduce the risk of infections or irritation. People with sensitive skin should exfoliate their skin.
  • Wet a cloth with warm water and place it over your beard for around thirty seconds. This will loosen and soften up the skin as well as the hair and make it easier for you to shave it off.
  • Place a ball of shaving cream into your hand and apply it to your entire beard in an even manner. It is best to start with the neck and in circular motions work your way up the face.
  • You will want to use a brand new razor for the parts of your face that require a close shave and where it will be least painful to you.
  • When shaving the top section of your bears start from the top edge of the jaw line and work your way down in long and even strokes.
  • When shaving under your neck and chin you will need to start from the bottom of the neck and work your way up. You will notice that it follows the grain of the hair and it will prevent ingrown hairs and razor burns.
  • For a closer shave and accurate results pull your skin tight with your other hand while you shave. Also remember to rinse your razor in warm water after each stroke.
  • When shaving your upper lip pull it tight over your front teeth and shave in a downward manner.
  • After you have covered all of the areas rinse off the extra shaving cream with warm water. Try to spot any patches of hair that you may have missed. Dip your razor in warm water and remove these extra hairs.
  • When you have finished shaving apply a toner that contains vitamins and aloe to your face. This is better to use then aftershave because it has alcohol in it – which will dry out the skin and cause irritation. After the toner is applied place moisturizer on the skin to keep it smooth.